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Randy McNees – President and Founder, Dynamic Computing Solutions

Randy began his document managment career in 1985 by founding ComData Inc., a Computer Output Microfiche (COM) and source document microfilming service bureau. In 1998, Randy founded Dynamic Computing Solutions. Randy has extensive experience managing image capture software and has served as a consultant for several different Capture products. In 2004, Randy and his team sought to correct a flaw in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange programs. They developed a program called Ingressor which allowed Exchange Managers and Outlook users to edit their NK2 (autocomplete) file. Over half a million copies sere sold worldwide. In 2013, Dynamic Computing Solutions completed development of PerfectScan, an image processing program. This program is one of the best in the world world. Because Perfectscan is not tied to any particular scanner model, it can support mobile devices, digital SLR cameras, MFP's and, of course, document scanners. Unlike more traditional image processing technology, PerfectScan can be deployed to millions of desktops throughout the world, improving much of the Big Data entering organizations.

Hoang Le – Chief Scientist

Hoang began his position in 2000. Hoang brings a deep understanding of all aspects of image processing and enhancement – segmentation, pattern recognition, feature detection, and computer vision. His experience with high-performance data structures/architectures provide a strong foundation upon which the company's visions can be achieved. His years of technical and research experience will continue to guide to the company in its mission to bring laboratory based technologies into commercial products. His research includes algorithm design, algorithm mapping on custom hardware (FPGA, ASIC), software/hardware co-design, memory and energy-efficient data structures, high-performance and low-power architectures. Le holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and one in Computer Engineering and a Ph.D in computer engineering from the University of Southern California.

Bob Hartpence – Business Analyst

Bob’s entrepreneurial career began in the early 1980’s as a managing partner in a growing Mid-Atlantic sales and marketing agency. By 1992 Bob was the sole proprietor of his own agency, which he grew through strategic acquisition and by positioning his business to capture new market opportunities. Between 2007 and 2011 he helped orchestrate two mergers that created an agency that managed sales for the entire northeastern United States. This business was then sold to a national company in 2012. Bob is currently a sales consultant for a variety of companies and functions as a catalyst between customers and suppliers to produce unique market opportunities.